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120 Standard Size 100% Cotton White T220 Percale Wholesale Bulk Pillowcases for Tie-Dying, Silk Screening, Hotels, Crafts, Camps, Parties, Physical Therapy


American Pillowcase


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American Pillowcase is bringing you its 100% luxury Egyptian Cotton made from long staple yarns. This Percale textile is a classic one-over-one-under weave which makes the fabric cool and crisp to touch. This breathable yet medium weight material keeps you cool in the summer and dry and warm in the winter. High thread count does not mean better quality or comfort, but this 220 count is perfect for maximum comfort and durability. Even for those with sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic qualities will reduce allergens but still showcases a smooth finish for a satin-like surface and luminous sheen. The hems will help prevent falling apart as extra stitches have been added to ensure a long-lasting product.

Includes: 120 Standard Size Pillow Cases - fits 20"x 26"

Add some luxurious comfort to your bedroom with these American Pillowcase Pillowcases. These pillowcases are made of 100% Egyptian cotton with a breathable, crisp Percale weave comparable to those found in 5-star hotels around the globe.

220 Thread Count Percale Egyption Cotton

Our percale weave cotton pillowcases are produced using a one over one under pattern, creating a tight weave that pairs long lasting beauty with exceptional strength and durability.

Thread count references the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Cotton linens with a thread count of 200-400 are known for a crisp, clean feel that is breathable and wicks away moisture. Percale linens resist pilling. These linens will develop a softer feel with every washing.

Care Instructions

You should always wash your cotton percale pillowcases in a separate load than your normal laundry, as zippers, hooks and buttons could possibly damage cotton linens. A gentle wash cycle with a cold temperature setting, and a mild detergent is recommended. Quality, pH balanced detergents are best when washing fine cotton linens. Do not use chlorinated bleach as it can damage quality cotton bedding fibers. If needed, non-chlorinated bleach can be used with white and ivory cotton linens.

Removing cotton pillowcases promptly after washing will help reduce wrinkling. Shaking linens out before placing them in the dryer will reduce wrinkling also. When drying, use a warm setting, remove pillowcases while they are still slightly damp and hang to finish drying. Ironing is optional but not usually necessary for cotton pillowcases. However, some people prefer to iron them for a crisper appearance.

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