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Body Pillowcase Pillow Cover 20 x 54, 100% Brushed Microfiber, Body Pillow Cover, (Envelope Closure, Cream)


American Pillowcase

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Microfiber Body PC Cream Env 1pc

Add some luxurious comfort to your bedroom with this American Pillowcase Microfiber Body Pillowcase. These pillow cases are made of 100% double brushed Microfiber for that silky smooth, peach-fuzz feel. Comparable to 5-star hotel materials, these breathable cases are hypoallergenic and even prevent dust mite issues. The stylish pillowcases are great for any season; they'll keep you cool on those hot summer nights, and warm in the darkest of winters. These durable pillow covers are long-lasting and affordable. The internal flap ensures that your body pillow will not slide out.

Includes: 1 - 21"x54" Envelope closure pillowcase

Envelope Closure Body Pillowcases

These 21"x54" envelope closure pillowcases are made from very nice, high-quality brushed microfiber. They are soft, wrinkle-free, stain resistant, and lightweight. The fabric is brushed giving it that peach-fuzz feel that makes microfiber so smooth and silky. This microfiber fabric is long-lasting and easy to wash and dry.

This material is processed in a way that ensures it will maintain its overall brightness and shape for a longer period of time.  Additionally, this helps the cases stay wrinkle free and lets you enjoy a smooth finish.
The tight weave of these microfibers prevents liquids from soaking in immediately, helping keep these fabrics stain resistant.  Quickly clean up your spill before it has a chance to soak in and your case will remain stain free.

Durable Quality; Built Tough

The durable pillow covers are long-lasting and will maintain their HIGH-QUALITY properties wash after wash; keeping its stain, fade, and wrinkle resistant qualities. They are lightweight, yet long lasting. This material is perfect for those with allergies.  The microfiber material helps reduce allergy reaction and respiratory irritation.  When paired with regular washings, these pillow cases are sure to meet those hypoallergenic needs.

Care Instructions

When it is time to wash your pre-shrunk microfiber pillowcases, simply toss them into an ordinary washing machine with hot or warm water with mild detergent. Washing at a warmer temperature allows the microfibers to expand, releasing trapped dirt and micro particles.

Air dry is best for these products since microfiber dries relatively quickly. If you do need to use a dryer, set it on low or no heat.

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