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SALBAKOS Turkish Cotton 40x80 Bath Sheets or Washcloths - Pick Size and Color



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Soft, luxurious, easy care, and long lasting products direct from the mill Salbakos has been the leader in Turkey's highest quality luxury textiles since its founding in 1993 - ranked #1 out of over 2,000 towel companies in Turkey. Salbakos controls every part of the manufacturing from cotton to weaving to dying to packaging. This assures you get consistent, superb quality. Nearly all other towel sellers are resellers, middlemen, or agents buying from the cheapest factory at the time. We desire a long-term relationship and repeat buyers so we do not cut any corners. Turkish Cotton - Best in the World Turkish cotton is prized for its natural long lasting soft texture and luster.  It naturally grows in longer, more narrow fibers which results in more threads per square inch and a natural softer texture without any chemical processing! No other cotton fiber is as naturally soft, absorbent or lustrous without any chemical processing. 5 Star Luxury Hotel and Spa Quality Salbakos towels are sold to 4 and 5 star hotels throughout the world showing that they are made for the most discriminating customer but are durable to withstand commerical laundries and many washings. Extremely long staple length makes yarns more durable, more absorbent, and with a nicer sheen. Towel is not bulky or heavy so dries quickly preventing the towels from smelling musty and saving time and money in drying. Oeko-Tex Eco-friendly The factory is OekoTex and ISO 9001 Certified. Oekotex means all materials including the cotton are made with no harmful chemicals or pesticides. Oekotex rules are so specific that this certification is considered Organic in many countries.  ISO9001 means strict quality controls have been put in place at the factory which assures defects are documented and limited. Brighter and Whiter Salbakos towels are dyed under enormous pressure for up to 12 hours. Although this is an expensive process, the color penetrates into the deepest part of the cotton fiber keeping the colors bright and lustrous. Most other towels are simply dipped into the dye and lose their brightness after just a few washings. And only in Turkey are white towels dyed white, not bleached white. Bleach breaks down the cotton fibers and the white starts to look dingy quickly. Not with Salbakos towels which will look bright for many years. Care Instructions Machin wash warm with mild detergent and medium heat.  Wash only with other towels.  To maintain maximum absorbency, do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Dry towels right right away. Tumble dry on medium heat. Do not over-heat Salbakos towels get softer, more luxurious, and more absorbent after each washing. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Are these really 40 x 80 inches? Yes! Unlike other selling similar towels, we do not false advertise.  Wrap up in this extra large towel. Why are other similar towels less expensive? Other brands use poor quality cotton, usually from Pakistan or China.  With these they also use inexpensive dyes that will fade over time.  Often times they cut a couple inches off of the towels as well so they are not the tru 40 x 80 inch size.  Last but not least, our towels are made in an Oek-tex and ISO9001 certified mill. Can you use bleach on these towels? No, please do not use bleach on these towels. The bleach will dis-color the colored towels and will make fine cotton less soft and break down the cotton fiber for a shorter life. Are Salbakos towels chemical free? Yes! all of our towels are Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning that they are chemical-free and pesticide-free. Can I use fabric softener on these towels? No, do NOT use fabric softener on these towels. Fabric softeners including dryer sheets like Bounce leave a chemical film on the towel, making them less absorbent and shortening the life of the towel. Do these towels shrink after first wash and dry? Not if laundered properly, we recommend following the Washing and Drying Insturctions listed at...

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